Best pano setup for travel?

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Re: Best pano setup for travel?

larsbc wrote:

wco81 wrote:

I bought a Nodal Ninja 3 II years ago and used it a few times but stopped taking it on trips. Suppose to be one of the lightest most compact setups but still pretty bulky to add to your gear and I may have lost the wrenches and lug nuts and so on over the years.

I've gotten good results by doing some handheld shots and stitching in LR but I know for multi-row and especially long-exposure night panos, it would definitely be useful to have a pano bracket.

Or at least an L Bracket to secure my camera vertically on my light travel tripods.

As I understand it, you don't really need a dedicated panorama setup if you're not shooting something nearby. So distant shots of say skylines at night should stitch together well just using an L bracket (which isn't necessarily cheaper but easier to pack than dedicated pano brackets).

I also have a Nodal Ninja and the last time I used it in the past 5 years was when I had to take 360 deg panoramas inside a house. For landscape-type panoramas, I just handhold and using Lightroom to stitch photos (although I have also let my camera do it but it only outputs jpeg panos).

Why not try it yourself? Go outside and shoot some handheld panos and see if they stitch together well enough for your use?

Oh I do handheld panos too, all one-row so far.

Lightroom has encouraged me to shoot more of these, even though I can get other stitching software too.

But I'm thinking mostly of night panos.  I'm going to Sydney today and I booked a room with a view of the harbor from north of the Harbour Bridge.

I might not need a NN for that, but just an L bracket, which would be easier to pack and take up less space and weight than the NN.

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