Is the 18-105 f4 still the winner for ski and mountain photography?

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Re: Is the 18-105 f4 still the winner for ski and mountain photography?

I own the 18-105G and I was hoping for better than what I have with the new lens but I'm having my doubts.

Since neither lens has 16mm the 18mm is a very important focal length on these lenses because it's where landscape and travel photographers will take a lot of photos. The extreme vignetting of the 18-135 at 18mm is disturbing. You can see it here (scroll down). So, in addition to the barrel distortion you have very dark shading, the image circle does not cover the whole sensor. With the 18105G you get barrel distortion at 18 but the vignetting is significantly less (though not zero but much better).  All of these corrections affect IQ.

At 135mm I haven't seen any images that are sharper or even as sharp as what I get from the 18-105 at 105mm. In fact, some of the 135mm images seem a bit disappointing.

Some of the images in the mid-zoom range of the 18135 seem excellent, however.

We still must wait for the lens be available and better reviews to surface to really make a final judgement. Though, IMO, it's not obvious which of the two is better sharpness wise. The 18135 may have an advantage because it'll be slightly smaller and more conducive for travel with a potential minor tradeoff in IQ to achieve the size benefit. You'll likely have to choose which tradeoff is more important to you.

For me, I'm not running out to buy the 18135 as I was originally thinking I might.  I'll wait to see how the above concerns play out in real life images.

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