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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

silentstorm wrote:

Imagine that capability is streamlined into 1. Anyway, I noticed we have strayed from the original discussion, ie. duplicating the same FL is a waste of resources for Zeiss. Yes, those different FL available is really good, if Zeiss could add a 100mm makro, that makes more sense than duplicating another 35mm. IMO a 100mm makro is a better use of resources.

Maybe they will introduce one in the future, if they think there is a market for it.

They can do even better if they make Canon & Nikon Milvus AF lenses. Why don't they? I have to make a correction here, my original intent was to emphasis on duplicating FL, not streamlining it to 1 range, that got stray off somehow. LOL!

Because Canon and Nikon have not released and/or sold their mount specs and AF algorithms to 3rd parties. Other companies making AF lenses for those two mounts are back-engineering things, with concomitant problems now and then. Zeiss does not want to, and does not need to, go through all that hassle.

No worries, it's a free forum. I prefer Otus to obtuse though. LOL! It's a lens discussion afterall!

No, this seems to be an endless discussion about how you do not understand  Zeiss reasons to introduce a Loxia 25mm f/2.4 lens (not another 35mm lens as you wrote a few times already...).

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