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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

silentstorm wrote:

We are able to buy either Loxia or Batis lens becos' Zeiss makes them. If Zeiss didn't make Loxia or Batis range, we can only buy either one of the range. Zeiss didn't decide to make an extra range becos' people ask for it, that's the reality.

Well, they ARE in demand by the customers as both ranges sell. If there were no customer demand, they wouldn't sell and they wouldn't be made. Simple as that. Maybe Zeiss/Sony knows a thing or two about their market that you/we are not aware of.

I don't think Zeiss gives a damn about whether we really need their lenses, based on yours or my supposedly rational reasoning - as long as a sufficient number of people buy them.

As for the price, the right price is the price the market will bear. Period. It has absolutely nothing to do with material or labor costs other than as a minimum those costs have to be covered with a profit margin on top or production will be stopped. The price the market will bear is determined by both rational and irrational/psychological factors. Anybody who has witnessed a stock or real estate rally knows about the irrational factors. Or check out the "tulip mania" i The Netherlands in the 1630s where any normal reason was blown away.

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