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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

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Well Batis is commonly accepted to be a Tamron designed, Tamron built, Zeiss branded lens.

The Batis 85/1.8 is $1100 yet the Tamron DSLR 85/1.8 (with OIS) is $750. Is that fair?


Fair price is a legitimate discussion for any product.

There is no thing as "fair" price for any product.

See definition 2

That is applied to futures trading, not lenses. As far as I know, the Batis 85 is not traded in the stock market, or spot markets.

Reasonable, expected, consistent with other products, ok. Fair is simply not an applicable concept.

Of course it is. Effectively synonyms. If you have wrongly chosen to attach an emotion or morality to 'fair', then, if I may quote you, "bad luck, that's the way it works".

Sure is the way it works, law of offer and demand.

There are a lot of unknowns and fair has nothing to do with it.

Unknowns should be ignored in any decision.

The unknowns in this context have to do with who actually designed the lens and built it.

He said there are a lot of unknowns, now you claim only two.

I was being more specific.

There are indications that Tamron designed the lens (with Zeiss input or Zeiss requirements), with Zeiss partnering with them to profit from Tamron's experience with AF and IS. But the bottomline is, even if it is a Zeiss branded Tamron lens, there are still differences with the Tamron DSLR lens. In the end, people wanting a Zeiss branded lens, will have to pay the premium for that. You may think it is not "fair"; bad luck, that is the way that works.

Bad luck to the buyers, not me. If it isn't a superior lens to the $750 Tamron, it fails to represent fair value. If it is superior, then its price might look fair. Bear in mind that I asked the question, "is the price difference fair?". You are free to answer it either way without attacking me or, stupidly, attacking my choice of adequate adjective.

I was not attacking anybody, so please refrain from calling me stupid, ok? Fair value is what the market analysts (auditors, banks, investment firms) place on your assets on a yearly basis, so they can assign value to your company. Besides, you went from "fair price difference" to "fair value", different things. You may think that the Batis lens is expensive, and should be cheaper, given the alternative Tamron lens. That is your prerogative, but IMO the price difference is justifiable (may not be fair to you), for the aspects that I mentioned: weather sealing, IS, Zeiss T coating. And let's not forget, it is a native E mount lens, no adapter required.

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