I have never had an issue with LR until now

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I have never had an issue with LR until now

Lightroom has always been fine for me.  I know LR very well since I have been using it since v1. Performance was never a big issue for me.

This all changed last week. I bought the Sony A7RIII and my MBP seems to have to work a lot harder to process images. As soon as I start working on a file the fans kick in and get pretty loud. It’s quite distracting and does not fair well if I am not plugged in. Everthimg in LR now feels sluggish.

I have Capture One v10 but I have resisted using it. Learning a new tool seems almost insurmountable to me. With that said, C1P does appear to better manage processing power as my fans do not kick in and overall it feels snappier with the large files.

I feel like I have no choice but to consider C1P. A new laptop is not in the cards right now and I have no intentions of getting a new Mac until Apple gives us the ability to add more than 16gb RAM. Rumors indicate this is not coming until 2019.

I am going to try DxO PL as soon as they support my camera and see how that runs on my MBP. I have Luminar but that is a joke. It takes 30s to open a file from my new camera.
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