How to use remote shutter and wireless flash sync simultaneously

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Remote shutter circuit

The typical remote shutter circuit has 3 wires, focus, shutter, and ground. Your Pixel shorts the focus wire to ground upon half-press. Full-press then shorts the shutter wire to ground. If both focus and shutter don't operate this points to a problem with the ground wire.

I suspect your remote shutter unit wire may not be making good electrical contact with the camera ground due to the weight of the receiver dangling from the cable. Try taking the weight off the cable and see if that makes a difference. Hold it above but not touching the hot-shoe and have an assistant press the remote.  Try other positions with the cable relaxed.

Perhaps the sideways pull on the plug in the shutter port is breaking the circuit. Another possibility is your cable has a separation somewhere that normally both parts still touch but even a small stretch may be enough to pull apart.

If your shutter cable is anything like that used by my D7200 Nikon forget about testing it for continuity with a DMM (Digital Multi Meter). The contacts at the camera end of the shutter cable are small and deep inside the connector and the metal outer shell isn't used for ground.

A less likely explanation for your observed behavior is the receiver works in the hot-shoe because it somehow is contacting camera ground there when it doesn't via the remote shutter cable. I wouldn't expect there to be any electrical connection on the receiver's foot unless the metal threaded hole is connected to the circuit board inside.

Hope this helps.

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