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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

TN Args wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

If Zeiss is producing it, people have a choice to buy it. My opinion here is about Zeiss wasting resources duplicating the same FL, not about people choices of buying & using it. We all have choices for MF lenses like getting a Voight or Rokinon or Laowa or even a Zeiss ZF mount for the E/FE mount.

For me I just don't see the advantage of Zeiss doing it. IMO Zeiss is better off just producing either Loxia or Batis range.

Well Batis is commonly accepted to be a Tamron designed, Tamron built, Zeiss branded lens.

The Batis 85/1.8 is $1100 yet the Tamron DSLR 85/1.8 (with OIS) is $750. Is that fair?

Eh, Probably not, but there IS something to Zeiss’ T* coating. Now whether it’s worth $350... but you also have to figure it’s for DSLR vs mirrorless. We don’t know about any licensing fees being paid Sony for the E mount rights, versus the older and basically open F and EF mounts, nor if the focusing tech etc is the same. But undoubtedly, the Batis is carrying a brand premium as well.

Loxia is a Zeiss designed, Cosina built, Zeiss branded lens. So it makes sense from a broader standpoint, make two lines for different needs by different manufacturers. Segmenting products is pretty common and makes a lot of sense from a company’s perspective...

Yes, agreed. And interesting information thanks.

The take away of course is that it’s valid to say it’s distracting from Zeiss’ resources overall since Loxia is a Zeiss design by all accounts, but it shouldn’t be largely taking away from Batis, so Batis fans should just be indifferent.

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