Shallower DOF or chromatic aberation....

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Shallower DOF or chromatic aberation....

...take your pick 😕

Do you ever run into situations where you need a really great DOF, requiring a very narrow aperture, yet you also would really like to eliminate, or greatly reduce chromatic aberations too ?

Let me show you an example of a situation like this....

Now, to be honest, I shot with a narrow aperture, to get more DOF, not really thinking about chromatic aberations..... Or maybe just, hoping for the best.

It was not until way after the fact, and 2200 miles back to my home, that zooming in on the branches above, I saw quite a bit if CA (you might not see it so much in the smaller file I'm going to post here, but trust me) I know I could have eliminated this problem with a wider aperture, but I needed a greater DOF too ?

Anyway, what was I to do ? I know about focus stacking, although I haven't really messed with this yet... But also, I'm already shooting bracketed sets for tone mapping... So would I need to shoot both a closer and a farther bracketed set, at a wider aperture, then merge them ? Seems very complicated, and like a good way to start introducing artifacts that would make the whole idea not worth it ? 😕

Do you ever find yourself stuck with decisions like this ???

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