why buy Sony RX100M5 (if I already have RX10M4)?

Started Jan 22, 2018 | Questions thread
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Re: why buy Sony RX100M5 (if I already have RX10M4)?

William Porter wrote:

ChrisLovesUgly wrote:

So my biggest reason for have two cameras is 1) backup in case something breaks, and 2) sometimes I like doing multiple shots (i.e. one camera is doing a long exposure while the other is doing a time lapse).

Chris, thanks for that input. Yes, I understand the importance of having a backup camera and also of the advantages of carrying multiple cameras. When I was shooting weddings, I favored using prime lenses only and so would always carry two bodies and often three with different lenses. And if something went wrong with one camera, I had another hanging around my neck. But I was using Sony full-frame cameras mostly when I shot my last wedding almost two years ago. I downsized to MFT and now I'm considering downsizing even more.


Based on this and your prior post, I think you have all the information you need and you know exactly what's going on. Might try renting one to see how it feels, or if you don't mind a little extra work, you can buy one used and flip it if you decide you don't like it? I sold my original RX100 and regretted it, so I just picked up another one recently. I don't know if I personally would have an RX10 INSTEAD of a 100? Probably not.

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