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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

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Zeiss Batis & Loxia are already high quality range of lenses. Batis 25mm is F2, rumoured Loxia 25mm is F2.4. Batis has AF & a tad faster.

Sure, but the key difference is: one line is AF, another is MF. Some people do not require the former, and prefer the latter. Also, some prefer a homogenous and consistent lens line up like the Loxia, e.g. for video, with a same size filter.

There are already so many people finding changing lens in the field a hassle. Now there's one more hassle to deal with, change filter, becos' the filters are shared.

Scenario: Shooting video in some Africa wildlife sanctuary. Need to change lens. But wait, I also need to use that same filter from the previous lens. The only advantage is I see is getting 1 set of filters & sharing, provided the other lenses are not using the same filter.

Depends on how you see it. Cost savings vs speed & convenience. I can have 35mm with 55mm ND on & a 50mm with 67mm ND on. I gain speed when swapping the lens, no need to unscrew & rescrew, & deal with potential stuck filters thus delaying more time.

Anybody ever thought about using a zoom lens? It has been proven that some of todays zooms equal and better some of the primes. If the 12-24G and 16-35 GM are not good enough I think the problem lies between some people ears not the lenses.

I like the 12-24 but it found it produces pretty horrible sun star after trying my friends lens few times and when you put it next to the Voigtlander primes, it's like day and night different.

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