On replacing a cartridge on Canon Pixma printers?

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Re: On replacing a cartridge on Canon Pixma printers?

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there are two banks of inks on Pro 100 driver when performing cleaning, all, group 1 or 2.

But auto cleanings after 60 hours or purges after cart changes WILL draw ink for ALL 8 channels.

Only when you do a USER initiated cleaning cycle can you choose between the two color channel blocks! Otherwise no.


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For people using older models, like the Pro9000 is worth noting that auto cleaning is handled in a different way with respect to the Pro100 ( and, I assume, all the other current models)

On newer printers, a purge of all colors will happen if you haven’t printed anything in the last 60 hours. Instead, on the Pro9000 purges are triggered 120 hours ( 5 days) since the LAST CLEANING, when you start a new print task. So, no matter if you print every day, the Pro9000, will do an auto purge when five or more days have elapsed since the last cleaning/purge, whether manual or automated.

That doesn’t means that leaving the printer ON, it will auto clean every five days. If you leave it alone, it will do nothing. It’s only when you try to print something that the Pro9000 checks for those 120 hours elapsed since the last purge and proceeds accordingly.

Therefore, printing nozzle checks every few days, while doing no harm and helping to avoid clogs, will do nothing to prevent automated purges.

Also, the service manual of the Pro9000 states clearly that when you replace a cartridge, only the colors belonging to the same group are purged, not all of them.

There’re then important differences between these two generations of Pro printers for what concerns maintenance.

It’s a pity that Canon decided to go secretive after the Pro9000/Pro9500 and no service manuals of the newer printers are available to the final user

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