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Jonathan Robson wrote:

[...] On my 240 I shoot a CV 35 1.7 & 50 1.5. I manually select the closest Leica lenses manually from the in camera menu. [...] does the in camera selection then have any effect on a raw file, beyond the exif data?

[...] Which leads to my next question of whether people ever code CV lenses so the lens selection can be automatic, and if so, how do they do it?

• Yes if you select 35/2 asph in the camera menu for instance, your CV 35/1.7 lens will be recognized as Summicron 35/2 asph by the camera and corrections aimed at the latter will be applied to the raw files automatically. Not a big deal on 50mm and 35mm lenses where corrections are minimal anyway. Wider lenses are another story.

• Current CV lenses can be hand coded easily thanks to the special groove they have on the flange for that. Earlier CV lenses don't have that grove though and will be difficult to hand code otherwise than by drilling coding pits with a dremel. Hand coding results are more or less accurate depending on lenses, cameras, coding kits, chosen paints or permanent markers. As far as my M240 is concerned, hand codings work fine through Mach Technical coding kit and Zebra permanent marker on CV 15/4.5 v2 and ZM 50/1.5 for instance but not on CV 21/4 which is normally recognized as Elmarit 21/2.8 pre-asph by the Leica CL but not by the M240 which takes it for a Summaron 28/5.6 for some reason. But the CV 15/4.5 v2 is not recgnized by the CL i don't know why. I have not tried Chinese made ("Jinfinance" if memory serves) coded flanges for CV lenses on Ebay because the ones i've bought for Leica lenses don't work for the most part.


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