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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

silentstorm wrote:

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silentstorm wrote:

Zeiss Batis & Loxia are already high quality range of lenses. Batis 25mm is F2, rumoured Loxia 25mm is F2.4. Batis has AF & a tad faster.

Sure, but the key difference is: one line is AF, another is MF. Some people do not require the former, and prefer the latter. Also, some prefer a homogenous and consistent lens line up like the Loxia, e.g. for video, with a same size filter.

There are already so many people finding changing lens in the field a hassle. Now there's one more hassle to deal with, change filter, becos' the filters are shared.

Scenario: Shooting video in some Africa wildlife sanctuary. Need to change lens. But wait, I also need to use that same filter from the previous lens. The only advantage is I see is getting 1 set of filters & sharing, provided the other lenses are not using the same filter.

Well, just buy another filter. After all, if you have 2 lenses with different size, you need 2 filters anyway.

Depends on how you see it. Cost savings vs speed & convenience. I can have 35mm with 55mm ND on & a 50mm with 67mm ND on. I gain speed when swapping the lens, no need to unscrew & rescrew, & deal with potential stuck filters thus delaying more time.

Well, check this scenario: I have a 52mm Lee filter (or other system) on my Loxia 21mm lens, all set up with GND; I want to use same filter in my Loxia 50mm lens. Rather than buying another Lee filter adapter of different size (or fuddle with step up rings), I can just unmounts from one lens and mount on the other. Done.

I get the personal preference thing. However, having an AF lens, at anytime, I can switch off AF & do MF. There are already so many lenses focus by wire, so users can simply adapt like how it always has been. For me, its no biggie. But having a MF lens, there's no option for AF.

I have been using focus by wire for 20 years. Nothing beats a dedicated and proper MF ring. For me. And as I wrote before, some people prefer proper MF. Like me.

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