why buy Sony RX100M5 (if I already have RX10M4)?

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Re: why buy Sony RX100M5 (if I already have RX10M4)?

i think that they are two very different platforms, which share a sensor. One of the big questions you need to answer is do you NEED a pocket-able camera - and if so, does it have to be the rx100 V. I will also say that based on the size comparison (CLICK ME!) that the RX100 is significantly smaller, so if you already feel like the pen-f is a bit difficult to use, size wise the RX100 is going to exacerbate that, quite considerably.

there are 4 earlier iterations of the RX100 that you could try, depending on your needs. Even the rx100 m1 has the pano feature and a larger zoom range of 28-100 (as well as the rx100m2, which also has some nice features like wireless, but no viewfinder - your needs may or may not require a viewfinder. I will say that i've had mixed results with the pano, sometimes the stitching is good, sometimes... not. fortunately, that is mainly just a fun extra feature for me.

I recently went through a similar process of evaluation as you sound like you are going, but with a sony a6000.

I ended up picking up the original rx100, because i was not ready to invest in the V without knowing if i would really use it.

it turns out, i do carry it daily, usually in a shirt pocket or little belt pouch. It also turns out i really miss a viewfinder, and ended up picking up the V on the used market, because the 3,4 and 5 were too close in price (i went open box on the V for 700 dollars, vs the 3 and 4 that have been selling on ebay for 500+ dollars used, usually a bit beat up)

I bought mine for a very specific purpose, though - I wanted a camera better than a phone to carry with me daily with the express intent of being more deliberate about my photography. I was not willing to carry my a6000 around at work daily, so it was paramount that it be pocket-able, as most of the time inside i don't have room for it to be in a larger belt pouch or something similar, and i don't usually carry a laptop bag or anything like that to hold a larger camera and a lens or two.

Just my 2 cents.

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