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Re: What's the advantage of this duplication?

Andre JF wrote:

silentstorm wrote:

Zeiss Batis & Loxia are already high quality range of lenses. Batis 25mm is F2, rumoured Loxia 25mm is F2.4. Batis has AF & a tad faster.

Let's look at the duplicated 85mm. The Batis has AF, is lighter, is cheaper, is faster at F1.8 & has IS. Loxia is heavier, more costly, no IS & slower F2.4

Totally doesn't make sense to me to duplicate another 25mm when optics qualities are very high for both, & of the same brand.

The loxia series lenses are more conseptual than other lens series.

The size, the feel, the recognisable design. All are high end compact all manual lenses with the finest manual handling. All lenses have same 52mm filter diameter, smoth manual focus and aperture. They have very high microcontrast and clean color. The character of the lens can be folowed from lens to lens, the way the 21mm render the image can be recognised in the other lenses, all the way up to the 85mm. The classic Zeiss 3D popp. These are qualitys the Loxia users want.

A lot of Loxia users have becomed Loxia entusiast after trying out one of the lenses for themselves. The way it feels and handles is unike, if you like it the small but surprisingly heavy lens hard to resist. These are quality lenses for entusiast, and this is something Zeiss knows all about how to do.

I dont think it matters one bit that there is another 25mm Zeiss lens, its not a Loxia, and for many peoples it is Loxia they want. And there will probably be more Loxias.

Three lens setup is a classic choice. Whith the new 25mm we can se theese Loxia setup: 21 35 85, and now even 25 50 85 ... Compact, light, high quality setup, enough to cover most of the everyday need for many photographers.

I dont know if this answer your question, but this is my reason to love the Zeiss Loxia lenses.

Indeed. I can recognize myself in many of these points. The new 25 f2.4 will be a nice companion to the 85 f2.4, In the past, I have shot a lot while traveling with a 28mm/85mm pair of primes. Today, 24mm or 25mm is more in line with the "wider" view many have of the world, especially for video, which the Loxia addresses.

There is still something to be said about shooting manually with a nice set of consistent lenses.

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