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Dwiptrlatief Regular Member • Posts: 286
sharpness setting poll

so because i make so many thread about sharpness and not getting a real answer and i got warning from fuji mod,so now i make poll for sharpness and ill use the most used sharpness setting and will never ask about sharpness again

just click what sharpness setting you currently using

so lets vote,and please no negative comment,thankyou

sharpness +3
1.1% 1  vote
sharpness +2
8.6% 8  votes
sharpness +1
36.6% 34  votes
sharpness 0
46.2% 43  votes
sharpness -1
4.3% 4  votes
sharpness -2
2.2% 2  votes
sharpness -3
1.1% 1  vote
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