If new M10, then replace my old lenses with new?

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Re: If new M10, then replace my old lenses with new?

jrm137 wrote:
[...] My Leica lenses are many years old. 35mm Summicron and 50mm Summicron purchased in 1972. 90mm f/2.8 TeleElmarit made in Canada purchased in 1973 and a 50-Yahre f/2 Summicron purchased in 2003.
If I were to purchase a Leica M10, would it be advisable to purchase replacement lenses designed in the digital age?

• In 1972, the Summicron 35/2 v3 (code # 11309) had not 7 but 6 elements. I have no experience with this lens but it is said to be sharp at all apertures in the center of the frame but rather soft in corners and borders below f/4. If you like its IQ you will retrieve it on your M10 i guess but last time i checked, the lens could not be updated with 6 bit coding by Leica.
• As for the Summicron 50/2 v3, it was also a 6 element lens in 1972 (11817). I had one on my M4 then, great lens but i never used it on digital. I see no reason why it could not do well on your M10 given that it can be updated by Leica.
• In 1973, the Tele-Elmarit 90/2.8 was probably the "fat" version (11800). I have no experience with it, mine was the "thin" version which appeared in 1974. Now all my M lenses with a longer FL than 35mm perform well on digital so i would not worry about this lens' compatibility. It cannot be 6 bit coded i believe but at that focal length, Leica firmware corrections for digital are minimal if any.
• No problem to use your "50 yahre" if it is the 11615 i know of as is it a Summicron 50/2 v5 optically but i don't know if it can be 6 bit coded. Being a collector lens you may wish to keep it as is though.

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