Might sound silly BUT Nikkor 28-300 or Sigma 24-105 f/4?

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Might sound silly BUT Nikkor 28-300 or Sigma 24-105 f/4?

I am a working professional for real estates and I found myself without sleeping since days. I decided to lower the number of my lenses as much as possible and I have a trouble by selecting one of my 2 lenses.

My question is about the Nikon 28-300mm of the Sigma 24-105mm. What do you think, which is better for my conditions? (FOR MY CONDITIONS!!!)

I hardly shoot my family and life photos with my working gear (as I don't wanna be robbed and I am not a body builder to go around for a whole day with a D750 28-300)  but I love the 28-300 as I just attach it to my D750 and with the 45 cm minimum focus distance and the very versatile focus lengths it is the most versatile lens I know until this time. I can use for "almost-macro" and really reaching far away shots also.

BUT - I have a question which I cannot go through by myself so I decided to ask you here in the forum.

As a real estate photographer I use Nikkor 14-24 for 90% of my photos as I work on Tenerife where relatively small gardens and villas are built so I cannot go further to use longer focal length and for vacation purposes they want me to show all the space, not just parts.

Many of my clients like to have some detailed shots which are used on AirBnb and booking with love. Typical shots like table set up for 4 persons with fruits and the background is the balcony with sunbeds, which is much better with longer focal length, where background "comes closer". I read a lot and checked really many photos and also made a lot of photos trying, experiencing. Some would say, the longer the focal length you have the better the photo will look like. Actually it is not about focal length, but the distance between you and the object. Its parallel lines will become more parallel as you go further. But of course you have to use longer focal length to be able to zoom in the object sot hat you do not have to crop.

So, I bought a Sigma 24-105mm f/4. I was really surprised how quality lens Sigma builds. It is far over the Nikon build quality. (ART LENS) This is one of the reasons why I feel myself in a big trouble by now. It is so good, I feel like if only I could use this in all my life.

But my problem with this lens is the focal range. I know that 105 is not close but you know, 28-300 has much more (YES, I know the focal length cheat of this lens to be around 210-230 on closer objects) focal length.

As I have the 14-24 with me all of the times, I do not need the 24mm focal length at all so 28 is more than enough for me. Actually all my "detail" shots are made with at least 35-40mm. But 105mm is not enough at all the times. I have just shot a villa without the Sigma, I decided to take only the Nikkor 28-300 with me and I had a look at home which focal lengths I used for my shots. And I used for many times even 200mm (!!!!) and it is not a small difference. If I would have a look, I would say that the Nikon 28-300 would suit my needs much better than the Sigma. I know the resolution quality of the Sigma, it is much better than the Nikon but if I would have to crop out the Sigma on 105mm to reach the same crop as the Nikor gets on 180mm, the Nikon would win the race with much more than a mile.

As a real estate shooter, I do not need fast lens as I almost always shoot on tripod, but if not, I also can set up my D750 to ISO 400 and the Nikon 28-300 will have 5.6 even on the longest range which is more than enough for me - not to mention that the blur effect on 5.6 at 200m will be more than f/4 on 105mm I think.

Even if I am paid for my photos I do not feel that I am a professional. I would rather say I UNDERSTAND what goes under my hands. So that I decided to ask YOU about this. If you had these two lenses, which would you throw in the ocean if you had to do so?

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