Favorite or most used lenses on your Df, after all this time..

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Favorite or most used lenses on your Df, after all this time..

So just sat down today to think about what lenses i have used most and which ones are my favorite ever on my Nikon DF, and would be cool to hear your own list and why they inhabit that spot after all this time now that the Df has been out.

For me its still one of my most used and favorite cameras, even though i own Leica camera and a D4 and had the D810.

I think for me using the "older" lenses coupled with the Df makes it more fun and give som kind of magic that i do not get from the other cameras with the same lenses. I know the D4 has the same sensor, but i use only the older lenses on my Df.

I love the Noct 58+Df combo, it looks good, just feels good on the camera and the pictures when i use it correctly are just unique for me.

Also my 58 1,4G is great. Another older lens i used a lot is the 105 f2,5 ai-s. Another really nice combination, easy to travel with and give such great portraits.

After that id say something i like is my 24mm 1,4 G. Its my favorite wide angle and also is quite nice with the Df.

Also i have used my 105mm 1,4G which gives wonderful results. Love it, BUT its a little bit too heavy for the Df, but it is stil a very very good combo when it comes to what the images look like.

The 105mm 1,4g

Df and the 105mm 1,4g

Df+ Noct 58mm

Df+ 58mm 1,4g

Noct 58

The biggest lens i have been using on my Df has been the 24-70 which works quite alright. Its a little too big for my taste but that is as heavy as i will ever go on the Df.

So what are your favorites :)?


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