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By standing on the Shoulders of Giants wrote:

That type of person is wam7. In my Winter Sun challenge, he is too dense to put a sun within a frame. After he got DQed, he started to turn on other entrants, which had sun on theirs. Anyway, I've put him on my 'ignore'. Adios bad hombre. Perhaps he can join the crooked OP's ill written challenges with Swiss cheese as rules.

You are just risible! Now you've resorted to bare faced lying which I can easily disprove as I took screen shots, even though you tried to disguise what you did.

1. Your Challenge was entitled "Winter Sun". After many people including myself had entered pictures taken on sunny winter days you picked on my photo because it did not have the sun in it. I pointed out to you that there were many other photo's without the sun in the frame but you could see the sunlight on something like trees or mountains. Many of these you had commented on saying "Nice Photo".

2. After the challenge had received about 30 entries you decided to add a new rule, saying that the sun needed to be in the frame. Then you disqualified my picture and also had to disqualify about 10 other pictures, many you'd previously commented "Nice Photo" on. This would seem to be because you did not know what you were doing in the first place, How can you comment "Nice photo" on a photo in your challenge only later to disqualify it? This needs repeating...

How can you comment "Nice photo" on a photo in your own challenge only later to disqualify it?

This says it all.

I suspect the majority of people who concern themselves with challenges would agree that you really should not be a challenge host. Everyone else does this job with as little fuss as possible, but you just breed contempt.

Here you can see how you added the 'new' rule way after the challenge had started and also part of the conversation with me that you deleted.

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