The cameraville did it again

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Re: The cameraville did it again

MightyMike wrote:

My wish is that they make sensors that can be exposed much more, e.g. can be used at ISO 1. And, that the A/D can handle a much bigger DR, e.g. 32 bit DR. Then the ISO setting and the compensation setting can be removed. Just set the time and aperture and shoot!

I'm sure there are many technical reasons this can't be done


  • 32 bit A/D is not all that simple.
  • Going below ISO 100 needs some not obvious tricks. There are such things, but I guess you cannot have millions of pixels. And using ND filters does not work - it will not increase dynamic range, rather the opposite. You had the Fuji thingie with two detectors per pixel, but it did suck as you got lots of noise in the mid tones, where it is extra visible.
  • Lots of bits, taking space and time. You get a slow camera and your SD cards fill up fast.
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