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BENQ SW2700PT - Professional monitor

I have been taking photographs ever since I was a kid. It’s been over 20 years. What excites me the most the moment being captured and being able to relive it years later.
In the last couple of years I have taken photography very seriously and have been documenting live around the places I have been to.
It is very important for me to ensure the photos are edited in the best manner possible. Software tools enable to color correct and crop the images better. But one thing I have always been missing is a tool that correctly tells me the correct representation of the image.
Until last week when I got hands on the Benq SW screens. It just blew my mind. I have never used a professional photographer screen. The benq screen was easy to install and with its multiple connecting cables it’s an easy task to connect the screen to your existing laptop or desktop.
Once connected you will forget looking at your old screens. This 27inch monster delivered optimal brightness and contrast that could highlight things I could miss otherwise. The model that I specifically used is Benq SW2700PT. It is very sturdy with a very stable and excellent quality built. The interface is simple and provides you with a variety of color modes. Myself being a black and white photographer, the BNW mode on the screen came in very handy.

To go little technical on the screen, it packs in QHD display with a resolution of 2560X1440 which is much higher than the regular HD screens and you will see details you would have over looked otherwise. The screen also has shading hoods which though I have not been able to use, is a good feature specially for photographers shooting outdoor or have a lot of spill over lights.

I have been using the screen for over a month to completely edit photographs for an exhibition and other requirements. It has been an effortless process and allowed me to deliver the best possible image to my clients.
The best thing about the screen is the ease at which everything works.

My verdict is: Easy to connect and use Benq SW screens are a must to all professional photographers. Once you use it you will not be using any other screen. Must have tool for all professional photographers.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know your views.

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