My G9 feedback

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My G9 feedback

I will not call it a review as it isn’t.

Firstly I like the camera a lot but I doubt if that is news to those hungry for some decisive information.

I spent asome time arranging the Fn keys to suit myself - I have posted what rang my particular bells on another threa already.

I thought a larger body might be useful for using large adapted EF mount lenses. In this regard it has been partly functional. The grip helps as does a larger body style. But there are negatives. All large lenses can be weight supported by the left hand and leave the guidance and control to the right hand. But I am failing to understand just why all manfacturers seem to think that larger bodies give them the licence to stick wheels, buttons and levers in positions that are only operable by left hand which needs to come off the lens support position and leave the whole weight in the right hand. The G9 has bigger grip but total lens weight in the right hand at times is hardly an advantage when other cameras (mainly RF style) can be fully operated by the right hand whilst the left still supports that heavy lens. Even the GM5 can do this.

If you take away the various fast capture support facilities then this is just another high quality camera. The evf is good, focus is good (with oem M4/3 lenses - see below), Generally comfortable to use (see above) .

I hope to be able to use the neat high resolution capture routines soon enough and if the quantity of images that the camera can create very quickly for the other modes is manageable (as it might be) then I have some happy exploring yet to do.

One serious issue that can probably be corrected revolves around the very lenses I bought the camera to use.

The IBIS is not working with any Canon lenses - this includes Canon IS lenses (with IS on or off) and Canon non IS lenses. The IBIS = Off red hand is always displayed. I am presuming that the lens based IS is still working as pressing the shutter button with ear to lens you can hear the IS engaging at shutter press. With the Jintu AF electronic the red hand also appears but the IS engages on/off continually non stop which does not impress at all.

This is stranger and stranger. I tried the Panasonic 42.5/1.7 and it is working well. IBIS and everything. Then the red IBIS off red hand warning pops up. So I check the IBIS setting and it is switched off (a duh-oh moment). So I switch it on and put the EF 100/2.8 macro back on and surely the red hand pops up again but when I check this time the IBIS is still switched on. As I always have IBIS = “on” in camera therefore being “auto” switched off is odd but it seems that even if it is switched “on” per menu the EF lenses are still shutting it down in-camera.

Crazy cat - it is isolated as an issue when I try the EF lens - red warning IBIS = “off” (IBIS in menu is still “on”) switch back to mounting 42.5/1.7 - red hand again and IBIS in menu is now also switched off. Switch back on and it stays on. This seems a Metabones adapter firmware issue.

Further the AF focus capability of the sweet Canon 100/2.8 macro and the 200/2.0 that I tested is not as good as what I have come to expect from my Metabones adapters. Something is quite wrong there. It does work but we have taken a few steps backward at the G9.

The same gear tested with GX85 and E-M1 works perfectly for both IBIS and focus.

Therefore there must be some quirk in the “fancy” IBIS of the G9 that is locking it out whenever an EF lens is attached. I do hope that Metabones can resolve this issue pretty quickly as it is a large part of the reason why I bought this camera.

I also have to point out that whilst the 20mp images being created whilst more or less mucking about so far are not that standout over what I can achieve with an E-M1, GX85 or GM5 (even) and being able to operate the latter cameras by retaining left hand lens weight support leaves their smaller grip as a much lesser disadvantage than might be thought.

Especially when a GM5 (cross check) can perfectly focus the EF 100/2.8 Macro lens first time every time and beat the so-called improved DFD on the G9 quite obviously - and the in lens IS is very obviously doing its job.

I would hope that a firmware update can cure the G9 focus and IBIS issues.

The other issue is the perennial one with cameras - the facility that you don’t particlarly want or like and you truly think that you will get used to. I have already tried to like the flip about lcd for nearly a week and I can bear it. But I don’t think I will ever be converted to actually liking it. Many like the flippy around lcd style but I have come to be a tilt lcd fan and the flippy one grates a little and I think it always will.

The lcd is very good but I have never complained about the evf on GM5, GX7, GX85 either - maybe I am easily pleased.

What stands out is that I have developoed an even greater appreciation of just how good and standout the GM5 actually is.

PS: the G9 with the Panasonic 42.5/1.7 lens is working amazingly well and I have no real doubt that it will support the gamut of oem M4/3 lenses without any issues.

Oh ...and it seems to “eat” batteries - probably that fine great big evf to blame - but it is very noticable.

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Tom Caldwell

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