Looking for some advice - D800E Portraiture

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Looking for some advice - D800E Portraiture

I have asked something similar before, but going to ask in a different way.

So at the moment I have been shooting paid work with my Canon 5D4 with my 7D2 as a backup. The thing is I do not like the 7dII for a lot of the stuff I do. So I was entertaining buying another FF camera with dual card slots.

To cut a really long story short, I have ended up with a 800e and the 24-70 2.8. To explain how I ended up with this is too long a story.

So for weddings when I shoot with a camera on each shoulder, I want to use the 800e 24-70 2.8 for general purpose and the 5d4 with other lenses.

When I first started this, I was struggling with the Nikon files looking so different when shooting people. So I spent some time yesterday shooting some random stuff and I have made it a bit better. When I say better, what I mean is I want to get the Nikon to look similar to the Canon files on import into lightroom to minimise editing time.

I love the look of this camera, It is sharp, IQ is just as nice as the newer 5d4 (imo) the only meaningful difference is how the raw files come off the camera in relation to colour and more specifically Skin colour. There are some differences obviously, but for what I do it is more than fine.

So my question..... rather than trying to get the Nikon to look exactly like the canon what do you guys do to get good looking people photos? Which areas do you look at first? Are their any basic colour adjustments, a profile you use etc???

What I have found so far:

1) Lightroom Auto WB as opposed to as shot with camera WB. This makes a massive difference in my observation.

2) Camera Standard Profile

3) Exposure Down a bit. It seems to be a bit brighter (to my eyes than canon)

4) Contrast up a small amount.

This is getting me close. I now get that I am not going to get exactly the same, they are different cameras after all..... putting aside my efforts to replicate Canon files, what I am interested in is what you guys as Nikon shooters do in relation to skin colour in lightroom as your starting point before doing anything else in PS or whatever.

Last thing, I try and shoot in Auto Modes as much as possible due to the pace of the work IE: Aperture Priority when possible, Auto WB, Auto ISO etc. I only get into Manual for flash work or static situations. So what I am saying is, I never bother with WB and so on and I am looking for speed as opposed to creating in camera perfection.

Thanks for reading this long post.

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