Collared Aracaris Bathing

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Re: Collared Aracaris Bathing

Really good !

Things I'll never see - and THANK YOU for that.

Interesting about the preening: I had a pet Blue jay when I was a kid, who lived in a large (About 3'x4'x5') cage which I'd built, next to m,y bed on a screened-in porch.

Naturally "he" (?) took care of himself which with birds includes a lot of preening - especially after baths ('he' bathed every day at least once - in the winter when his water bowl was not frozen solid, he'd break up the surface ice until it was like a nice refreshing glass of Iced Tea - and then jump in for a bath).

The birds effortlessly pull their feathers through the beak - and all the breaks between individual barbs come out 'stitched' back together.

I tried a LOT to learn how to do this, and hardly ever managed to 'fix' a feather - it's not easy!!

I did notice that my bird sort of "Buzzed" the top & bottom beak jaws when preening which must have been the secret.

And these birds do it even with these huge beaks which appear so clumsy - to US !

Great images.

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