Sony RX1RII - Trying to figure out shutter speed during a bright day

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Sony RX1RII - Trying to figure out shutter speed during a bright day

I recently tested a Sony rx1rII w/possibly purchasing it. I only do street and documentary work and currently using Fuji x pro2 with various fuji prime glass.

I shot the Sony rx2 wide open at f2.0 at ISO 800 outside on a clear day at approx 1:30pm - It appears that at 1/100s shutter speed the image is a bit blown out - at 1/125s it exposed darker at 1/200s I get a totally black/darkened out output. At f2.0 wide open - shouldn’t the whole image be exposed considerably brighter? Am I missing anything?

I normally photograph at high shutter speeds during the day, sometimes locked at iso 1600 to freeze the street action on my fuji gear. I am new to the Sony system and trying to figure out if there is a settings that I missed that is causing this camera behavior to be underexposed or if this is the component of a larger full frame sensor vs my current APSC fuji gear? - or am I wrong to expect being able to shoot at higher shutter speeds wide open during the daytime outdoors ?

I have attached (3) sample jpg photos from camera.

1/100s - f2.0 - ISO 800 (M) manual mode

1/125s - f2.0 - ISO 800 (M) manual mode

1/200s - f2.0 - ISO 800 (M) manual mode

My camera settings:

Shutter speed 1/100s - 1/125s - 1/200s

STATIC Settings for all three shutter speeds

Mode = M (Manual)

F Stop = 2.0 -not in Macro mode

Exposure dial = 0

ISO = 800

Metering = Center

Focus: Center Wide

Mode = M (Manual) & AF-S (also tried the same thing with M in infinity)

LiveView = OFF

Viewing using LCD only

Photo preview - on = (2) sec

Drive mode = Single Shot

No ND filters attached

No bracketing (settings) enabled

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