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I'm not sure if the quotes were in reference to my post because I never said Sony WANTS people to go full frame. But actually why wouldn't they want their APSC demo to move to full frame? More expensive gear usually means higher margins for their bottom line. If they wanted to address the needs of their APSC demo they'd be willing to release some fast weather sealed zooms. But they have no interest in that and why should they? I use my 24-70 2.8 on my 7R2 and my 6500. Of course I would love an 18 - 55 similar in size as the Olympus 12 to 40 Pro 2.8 but that seems unlikely.

I don't think the idea of getting the enthusiast aps-c user interested and excited about photography and wanting to experiment or switch to full frame is a conspiracy but rather a good strategy. How many full frame Sony users do you think exist who started out as A6XXX?

And your Fuji point is accurate but it also sorta makes my point. Fuji doesn't simply make light small lenses they make pro-grade fast weather sealed lenses for professional aps-c users. Why wouldn't Sony do that?

Hmmm... would you have bought that lens if you didn’t have the A7Rii???

Heavens no and I don't think we disagree. And that's my point. I'm not clamoring anymore for Sony to release fast APSC glass. It's already there. It's called FE amount. My response was directed at someone suggesting that Sony doesn't care if users stay in aps-c when I think they'd like it if people moved to full frame because there's likely more margins in that realm and I think Sony is a fan of making more money. Sony APSC is a great way to get them headed there.

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