The cameraville did it again

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Historicity wrote:

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Historicity wrote:


Thanks for your response. I use spot metering. And I "always" shoot raw (I have "always" in quotes because I have experimented with different approaches for a hike or two [usually just one]) -- never Jpegs. I did try the default matrix metering for a couple of hikes when I first got the K1, but it kept focusing on things I didn't want it to -- "blow details" is a good description; so I switched back to spot metering. Other than the occasional test to see if perhaps I was missing something, I've always used spot metering. I can't even remember trying anything other than spot metering on my K5, K5s, K3 etc in the past. Thus, most of what you have written above doesn't apply to this spot-metering user. I liked it though. It provides words I didn't have to the method I use.


OK - thanks for the explanation.

Once upon a time my main tool for making exposure measurements was the Pentax Digital Spotmeter, with an attached zone system ruler. Which I then used as a guide to setting the exposure manually.

Now, I have never used spot metering on my Pentax DSLRs. A bit too much work IMHO. One of the charms with digital photography is that you can fix it in post, as long as the highlights not are blown. Different preferences.

I have all the cameras I need to test your observation

But, before I do. What is your setting for D-range/highlight? If it is set to on, the camera will under expose one stop and if it is set to auto it will sometimes under expose one stop.

And - if it is set to on or auto, what software do you use to process your RAW? Only Pentax DCU will know about the D-range/highlight setting, and boost the under exposed image one stop.


Okay, my D-range settings are both at Auto which is the default setting for my K1.

And I use Lightroom 6.13 for post processing.

That's good. I will definitely be interesting in seeing what I get when I turn the D-range settings off. I don't think I have much of a problem with shadows, but I'll be interested in experimenting with that setting as well.

But I'll also be interested in what your results are. I can't think why no one else has mentioned this phenomenon -- unless everyone else shoots in one of the automatic modes.

To be fair - I do not really know what happens if you change the D-range/highlight in manual mode for spot metering.

For automatic mode, it will try to get better highlight coverage by exposing one stop less and then boost the low and mid tones one stop in ACU.

Maybe, it will give you a stop less exposure for manual spot metering, maybe not

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