The cameraville did it again

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Re: The cameraville did it again

Historicity wrote:


Thanks for your response. I use spot metering. And I "always" shoot raw (I have "always" in quotes because I have experimented with different approaches for a hike or two [usually just one]) -- never Jpegs. I did try the default matrix metering for a couple of hikes when I first got the K1, but it kept focusing on things I didn't want it to -- "blow details" is a good description; so I switched back to spot metering. Other than the occasional test to see if perhaps I was missing something, I've always used spot metering. I can't even remember trying anything other than spot metering on my K5, K5s, K3 etc in the past. Thus, most of what you have written above doesn't apply to this spot-metering user. I liked it though. It provides words I didn't have to the method I use.


OK - thanks for the explanation.

Once upon a time my main tool for making exposure measurements was the Pentax Digital Spotmeter, with an attached zone system ruler. Which I then used as a guide to setting the exposure manually.

Now, I have never used spot metering on my Pentax DSLRs. A bit too much work IMHO. One of the charms with digital photography is that you can fix it in post, as long as the highlights not are blown. Different preferences.

I have all the cameras I need to test your observation

But, before I do. What is your setting for D-range/highlight? If it is set to on, the camera will under expose one stop and if it is set to auto it will sometimes under expose one stop.

And - if it is set to on or auto, what software do you use to process your RAW? Only Pentax DCU will know about the D-range/highlight setting, and boost the under exposed image one stop.

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