Big Choice Made -- Lenses for 6 Weeks in Chile

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Big Choice Made -- Lenses for 6 Weeks in Chile

Teresa and I are departing for Chile tomorrow for a 6-week trip. I'm a travel photographer and I usually take at least 7 and sometimes 8 or 9 Fuji XF lenses with me.  (I have 13 XF lenses.)  But for this long trip, I have decided to take far fewer lenses than any trip in the past two years.

We are flying to Santiago and from there take 5 internal flights up and down that 2,800 mile-long country. We will rent a car at each airport and hit the sights:

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Easter Island
-- Atacama Desert (base in San Pedro)
-- Lake District
-- The Carretera Austral (1200 K long gravel road in North Patagonia)
-- Island of Chiloe
-- Patagonia -- Punta Arenas, Puerto Mont and Torres del Paine

My recent Mexico trips caused a major change to my travel package. I'm off my prime kick right now -- at least for a while. The acquisition and use of the Brick has caused this. It literally replaces my 16, 23/35/50 F2s and the 56 for 95% of my travel shooting requirements. The 50-140 is so good that I will not bring the 80, 90 or even the 55-200.

The 55-200 is great to have in the bag on city walks and hikes because I constantly need the reach and the size/weight is awesome. But I have decided to use the 50-140 with the 1.4 TC instead. I can carry it, even on the long hikes with a lot of elevation gain that we plan to do -- like the famous Tower hike in Torres del Paine.  It is much bigger than the 50-140, but I can carry it and the Brick anywhere I go.  No problem.

So, keeping the 16 on the body of the XT-2, and the 50-140 with 1.4 TC in my little Domke F803 bag (or in the day-hiking backpack if hiking) will cover my needs and provide very high IQ from 16 all the way to 200 while I am on the move.

Now for the 10-24. That I always have.  But, but I'm tempted to use the Rokinon 12 for the wide requirements, and the Brick for the rest (at 16). Leave the 10-24 at home?  Probably not.

I'm taking the Rok for astro photography in the desert. The Atacama Desert has the best dark skies in the world (they say). So, I could also use it for my walking and hiking landscapes for the wide requirements. The 10-24 just gets me 10-15. The Brick does the rest. But I don't like the Rok for everyday use. I bought it for astro only. The lack of autofocus and aperture data displayed or recorded drives me nuts. But still ... I'm actually thinking of leaving the 10-24 at home and that is my bread and butter travel lens. I could make the Rok 12 work when I need to go really wide.

So, last year I took 8 lenses on my 40 day trip to Patagonia (mostly the Argentina side). This year I am taking 4 -- the Brick, 50-140 (w 1.4 TC), 10-24 and the Rokinon 12.

Or maybe only 3 (if I use the Rok instead of the 10-024 for the wide end). The big news is I am leaving the Mighty 16 at home for the first time ever. Why? Because I was wrong about how great the Brick is for three years!


Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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