Star eater issues on Sony's

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Re: Star eater issues on Sony's

Just for the record:

Sony full frame cameras without in camera image stabilization do NOT have the star eater issue when using any settings EXEPT bulb.

Full frame:

A7, A7S and A7R - use any mode except bulb mode to avoid star eating.

All Sony cameras have the star eater issue in bulb mode.

The newer cameras with in camera image stabilization show the star eater issue when using 4 sec and longer exposures, bulb mode included (except when using continious mode, which is not available in bulb mode).

A7RII, A7RIII, A7SII and A9 show the star eater issue when exposing for longer than 3.2 sec.


Have not tested any Sony APS-C cameras for the star eater issue yet.

Have just got the Sony A6300 - will take a look at the star eater issue when the stars shine again here. Have the super sharp 1.8/55mm lens which shows the star eater issue and worms and more with my A7 when running tracked tests.

Have run a preliminary test with the A6300 and the cheap FE1.8/50mm lens just to see what the lens is up to (good for the money) and my only worry this far is the low Ha sensitivity of the A6300 (the Canon 7DII is better in this regard).

Did not get the A6300 for the night sky, but it will be interesting to see what can be done under a dark sky with this camera. Will post the results here as time and conditions allow.

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