A Few Test Shots of Topcon R. Topcor 30cm f/2.8 (1958)

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Ching-Kuang Shene
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A Few Test Shots of Topcon R. Topcor 30cm f/2.8 (1958)

Believe it or not, the first large apertture 300mm f/2.8 was not made by Canon nor Nikon. It was made by Topcon, named as Topcon R. Topcor 30cm f/2.8, in 1958. Well, Canon and Nikon both released their SLR Canonflex and Nikon F in 1959. This means before the two biggest SLR makers released their first SLRs, Topcon made a 300/2.8 available. Nikon made its first 300/3.8 in 1971, while Canon released its 300/2.8 in 1976. Other lens makers made their 300/2.8 lenses even later. Therefore, Topcon R. Topcor 300mm f/2.8 was the only 300/2.8 on the market for more than 10 years before Canon and Nikon made their moves.

This is the lens:

Topcon 300/2.8 on a NEX 5

This is the lens front:

Lens Front

This is a pre-set lens and its aperture ring has marking of 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 and 22.

Pre-Set Aperture Ring

This is the focus ring. Minimum focus distance is 4.5m.

Focus Ring

Note that my lens has a M42 lens mount. This lens was supposed to have a Topcon/Exakta mount.

Near the rear end, there is a slot for holding a filter.

Filter Slot

Filter Slot

There is a very solid tripod mount:

Tripod Mount

This lens has a telescopic lens hood. I don't like it because it does not lock into place, and, as a result, can extend and retract very freely.

Two-Section Telescopic Lens Hood.

I shot a pre-setup scene. I used two speedlights and the shooting distance was slightly more than 4.5m. Note that there is always a possibility of human focus error. Camera used was a Sony A7II.  Additionally, due to a limited output power from my speedlights, I can only reach f/11.  Sorry.  I should have used studio flashes.

Topcon R. Topcor 300/2.8 at 2.8

Topcon R. Topcor 300/2.8 at 4.0

Topcon R. Topcor 300/2.8 at 5.6

Topcon R. Topcor 300/2.8 at 8.0

Topcon R. Topcor 300/2.8 at 11

I know that these shots are not very realistic, because very few shooters would use a 300/2.8 to shoot a subject just 5m away.  But, I hope these images could illustrate how good this 1958 lens is.  This lens is not very common because Topcon did not produce many copies.

Thanks for reading.


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