The cameraville did it again

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Re: The cameraville did it again

soheil wrote:

I would like to see what would be the aperture value and the shutter speed with a fixed ISO on Nikon vs other cameras if we set the the camera to program to let the camera choose by itself.

If it always chooses larger apertures or slower shutter speed at a fixed ISO comparing to other brands to produce the same exposure, it would support your theory but still standard values for a similar exposure should be comparable amongst different brands, IMO. A similar test could be done to show if ISO values on Nikon is true.

What is true iso values?

The iso standard regulates output brightness of the final jpg image, that standard does not regulate how the manufactures saturate the image in raw. Pentax likes to be 1/3 stop higher while Nikon likes 1/3 and a bit  under the standard but both fall inline with the standard.

If I setup my pentax along with the my Nikon the Nikon just as shown in the IR site shows that the Nikon will use a smaller exposure around 2/3 of a stop, so if I force the both cameras to shoot using the same exposure of course the Nikon image will show blown highlights when converted to jpg either by camera or raw converter.

This is because the Nikon uses a different amount of processing to achieve the same jpg output. This does not mean that one or the other uses incorrect iso values.

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