Just got back from Grand Cayman - Part 2 - An Incredibly Unimportant Series

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Just got back from Grand Cayman - Part 2 - An Incredibly Unimportant Series

Here is the second set of photos from my trip. I went for a culinary event and had the opportunity to take some photos of the chefs in action as well as some of their food. It was made very clear to me on the Fred Miranda forum that these were very uninteresting and that I was not worthy of a Leica or even Sony to take such photos. This is good, since my wife discovered what my SL system cost and I may need to make a "more reasonable" (not my words) purchase. Feel free to critique my apparently terrible photos mostly taken with the Summilux-SL 50mm that I am unworthy of owning.

Photo of Chef Bernard Guillas - the first uninteresting, unimportant photo. He's just standing there. What the hell is he looking at that is making him smile in such a way? Apparently nobody cares:

Chef Philippe Haddad - the second in an incredibly boring series of chefs doing nothing important. He's got a big pair of tweezers, a bottle of champagne with a funnel sticking out of it, a fairly decent watch and a chef on the right side of the photo who clearly wants said watch. What's happening here? Again, no one freaking cares.

Photo 3 - Some guy serving food to someone. No idea who or what is being served. Terrible photo with no contextual importance. I think the chef might have had the flu since he's sweating quite a bit. Move along, clearly nothing to see here.

Photo 4 - This guy. He picks things up and puts them down. He does nothing interesting except changes people's lives' for the better and works exceptionally hard at doing so. Maybe he should just stay in the kitchen. He's pointing at something. The gentleman next to him seems interested. Couldn't be - terribly unimportant and super uninteresting.

Photo 5 - It's a congregation of people wearing white jackets - in black and white for even less interest. Why on earth I would be taking a photo of such an uninteresting and unimportant group? They're not even doing anything, they're just talking amongst themselves.

Photo 6 - Here's one of Chef Jose Andres. I know it's him, so you don't need to do any further research. A horrible photo - no one can tell who he is. He's wearing a shirt. It's basically a photo of a shirt. No merit in this one at all.

Photo 7 - Chef Eric Ripert greeting people on a private jet with the owner of one of the largest vineyards in the southern hemisphere. Apparently this is something people see everyday, so let's move to something a bit less interesting.

Photo 8 - Someone asked me if this was a photo of Dracula. It is not, it's still Eric Ripert, but at least there was some classic literary reference made to the photo. Maybe this one is a little less plebeian.

Photo 9 - Someone killed some sea life, chopped it up, mixed in some vegetation and put it in an incredibly disproportionately made bowl. They added some sort of juice and a few chips (or crisps, if you're from a more interesting part of the world). They even put it in an uninterestingly neat pile. Complete waste of time.

Photo 10 - It's not over 'til the fat lady sings. This lady isn't fat. Apparently it's not over. Another completely uninteresting shot taken at a borefest of a party with about a thousand people.

Photo 11 (I said it wasn't over yet) - The Cigar Man - He was hand rolling cigars at a restaurant on the island. I found him interesting and took a photo. According to the Fred Miranda crowd, this is the only interesting photo I've ever taken. I must have gotten lucky. I guess it's time to sell all my photography equipment and stick to eating the food, listening to the music, and smoking the cigars that all these uninteresting people make.

Last Photo - Gratuitous shot of someone that actually knows something about photography. His name is Trey Ratcliff. Notice how I totally missed the correct aperture setting in this shot. I would say that I was drinking a lot hanging out with all these uninteresting people (I was), but apparently I'm just a horrible picture taker.

Hopefully you enjoyed none of these images (except the Cigar Man). I apologize for bringing nothing to the table that is photography. Enjoy the rest of your day (or night).

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