The cameraville did it again

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Re: The cameraville did it again

Roland Karlsson wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

This test is positive proof than Nikon over/underrates(whichever it is) their ISOs

I can tell you one of my experiences. I have a K-5 and K-3 and a K-1.

My K-5 clips very easily, and I always adjusted it to -1 in exposure. No need to do that for K-3 and K-1.


I don't know what you mean by "clips," but I do know (shooting in the manual mode as I do) that on my previous cameras (K20d, K7, K5, K5iis, K3 & K3ii) I exposed almost all my shots at the center line, neutral, 0, or whatever you call it.  But with my K1 I have to set it at +2 for most of my shots.  0 gives me an underexposed shot.  I shoot in raw; so it is easy to fix, but I look at every shot in the preview display (I set for 3 seconds) so I set my exposure at +2.

At first I changed it to be at +2 with the function dial, but I learned that the selection was not permanent in the sense of staying +2 until I changed it to something else.  As soon as I used the function dial from +/- to something else, my exposure setting went to "0," but if I change the dial back to +/- I get +2 again.

I gather that most who use the K-1 shoot at 0 and not +2.  I don't know if my camera is anomalous, or if Pentax made a change of some sort in the more recent K-1s.  I bought mine just a couple of months ago from Amazon which probably has quicker turnover than most sellers.  Its S/N is 7339028 that I assume is a more recent build -- but maybe not.  But if Cameraville's K-1 is like mine then he isn't going to have any trouble with blown highlights -- even at +2.


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