Anybody's ORF files being treated as Photos by Amazon Drive

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Anybody's ORF files being treated as Photos by Amazon Drive

So I recently tried to upload a bunch of .ORF files to my cloud drive account with Amazon.

As a Prime Member I'm supposed to have unlimited storage for recognised photo file types.
The help pages for the supported RAW photo file types currently list ORF as supported, but after uploading a bunch, I got failures due to be being "over quota".
The relevant page is this one:

Which at the time of writing shows the following:

Relevant section highlighted in yellow...

I reported this to Amazon CS 10 days ago, and the responses since then have been less than stellar.
First they replied to state "ORF isn't a common format", like that has anything to do with the issue. Then they advised I should just convert them to DNG instead.
No thanks, how about you fix your system so it correctly classifies the files as supported photo files, per your own help pages?
If any other Oly owners would like to avail themselves of this, please log an issue with Amazon CS. The more folks who report this, the better chance of getting them to actually do something.

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