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Re: Sony APS-C Zooms

zackiedawg wrote:

Agreed - though I go one further - I see no reason to separate or specify 'aps-c' zoom from 'e-mount zoom'. If I shoot with an A6300/6500, then ALL e-mount lenses are made for my camera...if it's an e-mount lens, it's an A6300 lens. And I have 42 AF lenses available from Sony plus another 16 from 3rd party manufacturers. That's more than is available to any APS-C mirrorless system and second only to M4:3. 24 Sony zooms, and 18 primes. They range from cheap to expensive, small to large, and average to excellent.

The only shooters who need to worry about whether an e-mount lens is a SEL or FE designation are full-frame shooters - because their cameras won't function completely normally or natively if an APS-C lens is attached. Our APS-C cameras function 100% normally with ANY e-mount lens attached, and that's all I personally consider relevant.

No other system is tempting to me personally - I like the APS-C sensor size, I like the lens selection available to me, I like the size and ergonomics of the body, I like the performance, IQ, and speed of these cameras compared to competitors. And I like the pace of development in both the bodies and the lens collection, which is expanding very quickly at 6-8 lenses per year.

The 18-135mm looks very promising to me and I would consider it a very good kit-lens replacement's reasonably small, light, and has good mixed-use reach. I'd likely buy it immediately if I weren't also coming up on time to consider my next body...and therefore better to wait to see what body comes next to see if this lens might be offered in a kit/bundle which would be more cost-effective for me.

A great comment and I could not have presented any better or nearly as well. You certainly have the experience and knowledge and can back it up with results, not just of some brick wall shots or dxomark numbers.

I started this thread because I would be happy if the newly announced 18-135 can replace my SEL 18-200 OSS provided it can improve on the photos I get now. That is why I had attached two photos to show what satisfies my expectations of quality A look through my travel photos showed me that I am seldom beyond 70mm so I would be happy with either a good 16-70 or a good 18-135. And you are correct, I do not care if it is an E or an FE lens if I can afford it and it is not too big. I usually carry 4 lenses plus the A6000 in my tank bag, so replacing the 18-200 with a smaller lens would make some room.

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