How necessary are lens hoods?

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Re: How necessary are lens hoods?

I swapped from Canon 5DSR to Sony A7R2 partly for the reduced size/weight, so I never use lens caps as it adds size, bulk and weight. I just shade the lens with my hand if I think sunlight is striking the lens at a bad angle (or shoot from shade if I can't use my hand).

Thats the beauty of shooting digital, you can immediately check your image to see your results. I don't recall looking at any shots in post and realised that they were ruined by the lack of a hood. As long as you shade your lens when needed and review your shots, I don't see the need to lug around a hood all the time on every lens.

But that is all just IMHO if you do not care a whit for the size/bulk/weight of your gear then a lens hood can reduce the chance of indident light affecting your images, but it won't magically stop that from every happening in every circumstance anyway, just reduce the likelihood.

All of this holds true for casual private shooting, if I was a pro being paid to get the shot first time, every time eg wedding or event photography then I would do anything I could do, to reduce the likelihood of an important shot being less then optimal, and I would shoot with the hoods on.

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