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Joachim Wulfers wrote:

Rather premature in my opinion but then, which Sony aps-c zoom has found the favour of the critics. I am convinced that the actual users are the silent majority, using their lenses to actually make photos.

The biggest problem with the Sony zooms IMO isn't the quality of those zooms, but rather, the lack of a really high quality option for those who would spend the money on it.  The 16-70/4 should have been that lens, but doesn't live up to the expectations of those willng to spend $1000 on a high end midrange zoom.  If there were something in the lineup like a 16-50/2.8, or if the 16-70/4 were truly stellar, or even Sigma's 18-35/1.8 - something people could hang their hats on, whether they actually wanted to use such a lens or just wanted the bragging rights - then the existing zooms would be judged on their own merits.  Instead, they're judged by what they're not.

But the zoom I use the most is the E 18-200 OSS.

I like that lens - a lot more than I ever thought I would.  I only bought it to be able to zoom during video (recording performances).  Then I tried it for stills and discovered that it was far better than I'd assumed an 11X zoom could be.

However, I noticed that the vast majority of my photos are at a FL of 70mm and below.

I was actually surprised to discover that I tend to shoot it an awful lot from 18-55.

So, I am one of those anxiously awaiting the release of the new 18-135 zoom.

I'd seriously consider it as an alternative to the 18-200, but probably won't look at replacing the lens I already have.

- Dennis
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