What about the upcoming new apsc flagship camera?

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Re: Psst! -- It's about the lenses.... and full frame.

A larger sensor means larger glass to get equivilent light/sq.mm,

wrong way around of thinking: smaller glass to get same photons/sensor

so more weight and more bulk. Since in low-light conditions, modern APS-C sensors are already sensitive enough to deliver images way beyond what a film SLR could ever deliver in terms of low-light IQ, I've always considered FF to be something of a fetish:

"Because there is something worse than APS-C, I think FF is pointless."
BTW, yes, film cameras are worse in the shadows, but better in the lights. Both sides should stop boasting about one without admitting the other.

there's absolutely nothing special about 35mm--it's just one point along the small-phone-to-large-format spectrum.

There is one thing though: APS-C and FF often share the same lens mount so there is some compatibility.

But otherwise you are right.

So you could say the same about APS-C and stick with 1" sensors. And some people do.

Doesn't mean APS-C or FF or MF or LF are bad ideas or that you need to insult them or their owners by declaring a fetish.

Modern APS-C bodies are already bigger and heavier than the old SLR bodies were.

Ah, but you already said they are better than those. 
So, is the performance/bulk ratio better or worse?

Maybe get a µ4/3 camera if you need smaller.

But what about people who carried 6x6 film cameras or 4x5s? 8x10?

and there's a limit to what people will carry.

Sure. Let them decide.

And not everyone is a sports/action photographer: While I rarely shoot either kids or dogs, I'd guess that more people would like faster and more accurate AF to track those than for covering sports action. That's just a guess--only a well-informed marketer would have the research to know. But if I'm right, an extra stop or more of IS is more important than a bigger sensor. Again, people don't want to track their kids with heavy, bulky gear.

Let us know how one stop better IS helps with taking photos of moving (implied by your use of "tracking") kids and dogs. 
A larger sensor with more light-capturing area might actually help more to take a photo of such subjects than IS, as IS cannot freeze the kids' movement, but high ISO can.

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