The cameraville did it again

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Re: The cameraville did it again

Rens wrote:

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Seemed to me the Nikon files were over-exposed, he should have tested with Nikon exposure turned down by 2/3 stop, as I always did with my D700.

Setting a camera to do this is no big deal. There are minor problems to work round on all cameras, this one is completely trivial.

Why would you see the first image overexposed and go on to complete the test without compensating (and pointing out this was necessary).

But no arguments as to the IQ of the K1.

Yes but what so many people seem to be missing is the same reported ISO, aperture and shutter speed were used in every case, if that can't be the benchmark to which cameras can be accurately tested on then there is no such thing as a fair test. As the ISOs go up and the DR goes down I do routinely EV- to compensate for early highlight clipping then lift it in post to look better, If I'm shooting ISO3200 and EV-1 then lifting in post I'm really shooting ISO6400 (depending on how far its lifted in post), in this way the highlights can be protected by a stop while the rest of the image suffers. Suddenly comparing ISO100 on the K-1 to ISO100 with EV-2/3rds unedited on the D850 doesn't become fair anymore and editing only the D850 is totally unfair too.

So yes you could adjust the exposure of the D850 to make it match more closely to the K-1 and Sony whatever it was but then you're not matching exposure values and the D850 will have a shutter speed advantage over the other 2.

This test is positive proof than Nikon over/underrates(whichever it is) their ISOs

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