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Dirk W wrote:

Very interesting, thank you! One thing is clear: my SEL 18-200 has FAR less distortion and especially vignetting at 18 mm. I use it in RAW all the time and don't have such dark corners at all.

Yes, I think that's typical of older lenses which were designed for cameras that didn't correct distortion. I bought my SEL18200 to go with the NEX-5, which didn't have in-camera distortion correction for JPEGs, and as you say, there is little distortion in the RAW files, and no corner vignetting.

More recent lenses are designed for cameras (or RAW processors) that routinely correct lens errors. They use this knowledge to push their designs further, producing lenses with a wider zoom range, or physically smaller, than was possible with low distortion lenses. Here's a wide-angle shot I took back in 2011 with my NEX-5 and that lens. Let's look forst at the OOC JPEG, and then a JPEG processed from RAW, both with no lens corrections applied:

OOC JPEG -- no lens geometry correction, as the NEX-5 did not correct lens geometry

Processed from RAW using DxO PhotoLab, with the normal lens corrections turned off

And now, with lens corrections applied:

Processed from RAW using DxO PhotoLab, with the lens corrections for the SEL18200 applied

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