Panasonic Leica Lenses - mFT, do they have the "Leica Look"?

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Re: Panasonic Leica Lenses - mFT, do they have the "Leica Look"?

marc petzold wrote:

TheClueless wrote:

No, because "the Leica Look" is as much a component of the sensors and image processing of the Leica bodies as much as optics are.

Adding to that, the PanaLeicas are entirely designed and built by Panasonic, with them paying Leica to slap their logo on them after an 'audit'. It's exactly the same deal as Huawei paying to slap a logo on their phones for a camera assembly that's entirely designed by Huawei (and a very similar deal with Sony - Zeiss, and that deal might actually be more stringent in terms of Zeiss certification).

Then we get to MFT itself. At pretty much any FoV you're going to get a much flatter-looking image that's honestly closer to a compact than being able to draw comparisons with FF.

Think of MFT PanaLeicas as an L. They're the best that the manufacturer can do, but in this case they've decided to buy in someone else's name because they think their own name doesn't have the cred, regardless of its merits - and it clearly works at the bottom feeder level, because there's any number of people who look at the Pana compacts and go "Leica lens! I'm buying that over the Sony". And at some levels, Pana can and do borrow small handling elements from Leicas that work in their products - not just the name.

I actually really like the PanaLeicas in general - the 15mm is one of my favourite MFT lenses if not my favourite mirrorless lens, period - but true flagship lenses like the Nocticron don't really make sense to me within MFT. I'd rather carry an APS-C DSLR/MLC with a 1.8 (or even a 1.2 - the X-T20 with the 56mm doesn't come out any less unbalanced) than a 1.2 lens in MFT that's going to weigh the same as an APS-C equivalent.

Thanks for that. Well, i do also own an X-E1, but it doesn't have that "Look" i do usually see from Leica or Zeiss Lenses...currently, i have only the 18-55 and 16-50 II Zooms, but for Kitlenses, each one is (speaken into their pricerange) really good lenses - not being Leica or Zeiss, of course.

I think you've bought into the Fujifanboi stuff. The kit lenses are OK, and bodies have weak sensors while also not having handling benefits.

The 'advanced kit' offers headline numbers and many people assume because F2.8 it's e.g. the equal of the Panasonic 12-35. If you shoot a bit and don't buy into the Fuji cosmetics or it's 'heritage' - Fuji fans often make the "Fuji also makes broadcast lenses that cost more than your car, who else does that?" case for their credibility - it's clearly not. I find the entire high-end XF prime lineup a mehfest TBH. Fairly priced for what they are, but not remarkable by any means, especially when you have to put it on a Fuji body.

Leica sensors may be equally unremarkable technically, but they generate excellent results for post straight away without a legion of fanbois telling you "you're using the wrong RAW processor!".

It's clear from the purchase history (the gear list is very helpful) that people who can't afford Leica but want Leica buy Fuji and will it to be something similar - when key aspects of handling and other things that make Leicas that actually make them Leicas (and we aren't even talking about lenses or technical superiority) are actually (often laughably) absent.

But i do miss the "Pop", or 3D Pop, also the

Maybe i'd get the PanaLeica 12-60/2.8-4 someday...because i do think it's a fine zoom lens, only the corners, are a tad too soft...

I'd say wait for an improved version. Unless you really need the extra light or Dual IS, what it has over the 12-60 kit IMO isn't worth it. To me it's one of the slight misfire PanaLeicas - especially as they pitch it for video, where the variable aperture is a deal-killer.

That 5D/24-105F4L Combo is way too heavy to carry it all day - and also no 3D Pop here, but i do have this, when using the 28-85 Vario Sonnar onto it...

Good Light !


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