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Roxy1945 wrote:

You know I may use this lens one day, but maybe I'll try the 100-300 II or the Olympus first because I think the 100-400 is way too expensive for what it has shown me so far. I own a Panasonic FZ200 so I may stay with Panasonic. I don't know what to do yet.

Hey, if you think the 100-300 is just as good for your purposes, then  you sure will save some bucks by buying it.

But you know the more I look at Canon and Nikon I find APSC cameras are cheaper alternatives and I have to say better images shown on flickr. I guess that's why most people buy either Nikon or Canon for wildlife. But I would like an electronic viewfinder and silent shutter which they don't have.

Whatever floats your boat.

By the way your images are nice but really don't compare to the Nikon 200-500mm gallery I posted.

Well, la dee dah.

Remember any camera can get detail if you get close enough as in taking pics in zoos or at bird feeders etc.

Oh please.  Don't be a jerk. I thought you wanted examples of the lens's optical capabilities.  I didn't know that you considered shooting birds at a feeder 30 ft away to be verboten, or I would have posted some from 30 ft away but in the bushes.

I need a camera to be used hand-held only for hiking, walking out in the bush or field, that's how I got lots of different species of birds in my galleries below.

Duh.  What do you think the rest of us use the lens for, too?  Why do you think we are using M43 for long tele in the first place?

My advice? If you think you are going to get the results you want with the 100-300mm, and you can't see a difference between it and the100-400mm, then why all the fuss about comparing the 100-400mm to the Nikon?  Why not compare the 100-300mm?

For that matter, why not just buy the Nikon, since you've obviously convinced yourself by it's what you really want? You'll never be happy with the 100-300mm, since it's not as good as the  Nikon in real world use, and you have thoroughly convinced yourself the 100-400mm isn't either, since you seem to be making all sorts of caveats in your evaluation of it to prove that it's not worth the money to you.

Just get the Nikon system and be happy. The rest of us poor slobs will just have to continue to suffer with our inferior expensive M43 gear. Pity us.


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