Film and digital "comparison"

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Film and digital "comparison"


I wasn't sure what sub-forum to us, or even if there's one for this.

I've been using B&W film (35mm) for a while. By coincidence I had a chance to take the same photos with my digital camera and film camera, just was curious. I didn't use the same lens, but I did check both of them on the digital camera and know both are good and sharp.

I developed the film and printed it on B&W multigrade photo paper. I'm wondering how "bad" this paper is? I'm used it for a while and it seems pretty good. I've seen many other photos (by others) on this paper too. This is the first time I compare them. The film result was no where near as good as the digital photo when both are at the same size.

So I'm wondering how much effect does the paper have on this?
The digital is a good full frame 24MP camera. Should I expect results anywhere near as good from the 35mm film? I can see why people use larger formats (I have very little experience with it), but I purposely wanted to compare the same size of film/sensor.

I'm going to scan the film photo and see what result I get from this when printed on the same paper as the digital photo too.

The main differences are dynamic range and details. One area in particular is completely blown out in the film, but has the details in the digital photo.

Any links to articles on the subject would also be appreciated.


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