BIF - How can I "ignore" the background?

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Re: BIF - How can I "ignore" the background?

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There has been some good information posted here already, but here's my take on it.

Use a medium size AF box. Use highest burst rate with AF between shots. Use as high a shutter speed as you can, you can get quite good BIF shots at 1/500 sec, although the wings may be blurred. I don't have an issue with that. If possible, do a quick focus on something that is a similar distance away to where the bird will be. That should save a small amount of time with the AF. That something could just bit a spot on the ground and the distance away doesn't need to be exact. You can also try reducing the aperture, EG F5.6 rather than F2.8. That will increase the depth of focus and may help the AF "grab" the bird.

With the shots you posted, the bird is too far away and as a result of that, too small in the frame, therefore the camera can't differentiate between the bird and background. Your best results will come when the bird is much closer and the background much further away.

Hope this helps.

More great advice, thanks. I particularly like the suggestion about Aperture Priority; I'll have to remember to experiment with that next time I'm out.

EDIT: Are you - or anybody else reading this - familiar enough with the FZ300 to know whether it has a preset mode such as "Panning", that might also help with what I'm talking about. Still hunting around and learning...

Hi sbutk

I have and love the FZ300. I have set Custom C2 ready for animals birds etc. I have it set to burst mode “M”, that means that you get continuous view and Focussing and iso at 200. Burst gives you the advantage of choosing the best image afterwards.

There is no Panning setting as such but if you are able to follow the birds, either in the viewfinder or as suggested a Red Dot sight and have a reasonably small focus area the camera will follow focus nicely, Focussing is extremely fast.

C1 I have set for Landscapes with Exposure Bracketing 5 by 1 ev, and Aspect Ratio Set to 16:9 (We get a lot of snow and extremes of Dynamic Range around here) and sometimes merging to HDR.

C3 I have yet to Post Focus as I was trying it a lot when I first got the camera, merging images into a single images in Affinity.

I don’t go much into birds in flight but did get this one. He was fairly close but was moving pretty fast past me

Thanks for the tips.  And those are some amazing photos!

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