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scokill wrote:

terrillbruce wrote:

Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if it is possible to change the ISO adjustments to rear command wheel without also having to push a button first?

I fully understand about using Auto ISO, but that can be very unreliable for BIF when the Spot Metering slips off the bird and then reads from either a dark or light background and then ending up with either over or under exposed subjects. . .

I am trying to set Aperture and Shutter Speed and then making correct exposure with the rear command wheel while still holding shutter at half press for Auto AF and Metering. . .

Thanks for taking the time Guys,


I shoot full manual with fixed ISO all the time and make adjustments during shooting. I don't pay attention to the meter but rather highlight blinkies and/or brightness of the subject. It is second nature for me to put my thumb on the ISO button and use the wheel. I know the wheel click feedback equals 1/3rd of a stop for ISO and go by feel and how much room I think I need to either increase or reduce. Sometimes I nail it first time sometimes I need a second adjustment.

I guess with birds there is no free lunch it may depend on their position against a variety of backgrounds and changing quickly on the fly may cost you the moment of capture.

Thank-you. . .

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