Legacy glass on Canon 6d. Af confirm chip or not bother? install EE-S/Split Screen?

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Legacy glass on Canon 6d. Af confirm chip or not bother? install EE-S/Split Screen?

Hi all. I have a canon 6D that i picked up cheap with a higher shutter count, and a couple of L lenses, I plan to sell the lenses and have almost a 'free' 6D, so I purchased it with the intention of using some legacy glass on it.  (tried it on the sony A7 but the long adapters just made the handling a bit...meh, however i did like maginifation in the evf to judge focus)

So i purchased the 6D with the hopes of using some old Olympus and nikon lenses on it, and perhaps the 40mm pancake for the times i require AF, or travel.  My plan was to change the focus screen to either the EE-S (I will never use a lens slower than f2.8, so dimming doesn't bother me) or install an aftermarket split screen one (and adjust metering or exposure comp to suit)

Now the question is, with a wide angle, let's say 24mm, obviously it's fairly easy to set hyperfocal focus, but if im shooting it wide open, how easy is it to judge critical focus with the EE-S?

would it still benefit having the AF confirm chip installed on the adapter so i can judge focus and still get a 'Beep', or do the chips not work accurately?

My hope is i can make the 6D a sort of digital Om-1. back to using an OVF, Full frame use of my lenses, Good battery life, Decent sensor, and the last piece of the puzzle is figure out what the best focusing solution would be.

For tripod work i can use the LCD and zoom feature, but I'm excited at the thought of using the Tiny OM lenses on a smallish body for walkaround shooting. (yes i know old glass isn't always as good as new glass, but there's something about using legacy glass that i really enjoy, and i quite like the low contrast look some give you, or whatever characteristics they may have, as opposed to pure clinical sharpness)

So the options i suppose are....

-EE-S alone

-EE-S and focus confirm adapter

-Split screen alone

-Split screen and AF confirm adapter

If anyone has any experience with any of these please give me your 2 cents

Oh and lastly, My eyesight (for now) is still almost 20-20. If that impacts people's choices as well.

Kind Regards


Canon EOS 6D Sony Alpha a7
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