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Re: Add one more reason:

Eliot Kramer wrote:

No need to switch to manual mode when I am doing long/multi exposures.

I can leave the camera in AF-C but use it as AF-S if needed without changing modes.

As has been said before, it is not for everyone. However, there are definitely advantages to BBF. I can't think of any disadvantage, unless of course you don't have enough buttons on the back of the camera for other tasks.

Your statement about AF-C and AF-S is NOT correct.

When you are in AF-C and you take the finger off the BBF it does not magically "convert" to AF-S. All it does is STOP the AF-C function at your last point of focus.

The termination of AF-C is NOT the same as being in AF-S mode. Otherwise, what really is the point of having AF-S at all if all you could do is just lift the finger off whatever button you are on and voila, you got yourself another focusing method.

And furthermore, if you are using the shutter button in AF-C and you lift off the finger the same result is accomplished, it stops focusing at that point in time.

I think we need to finally acknowledge that all BFF does is change how and when your fingers activate and terminate the focusing process. The fact that it is decoupled from exposure is not an intrinsic advantage, it just happens to help some people in some situations when they are trying to focus on one thing but expose for another that is located away from their point of focus. Which admittedly is not that common.

It may not be common for your shooting. I find that maybe 5% to 10% of my images using auto exposure when shooting show jumping at a  large venu indoors or outdoors, figure skating in your typical hockey arena, walkabout street photography, and other situations, definitely benefit from the separation of light metering, focus point, and composition. I consider this to be "common"

Of course such separations are not of great value when you shoot static subjects which can often be shot with simple button half press shooting Style.

I bet if a rigorous test was conducted and people were shooting with both methods the ones with regular focusing will get more shots in focus more rapidly due to the time wasted playing with two fingers on two buttons.

Just my two cents, LOL

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